On 30/08/2019 23:49, Krishna Reddy wrote:
+       if (smmu->impl->tlb_sync) {
+               smmu->impl->tlb_sync(smmu, page, sync, status);

What I'd hoped is that rather than needing a hook for this, you could just 
override smmu_domain->tlb_ops from .init_context to wire up the alternate .sync 
method directly. That would save this extra level of indirection.

Hi Robin,  overriding tlb_ops->tlb_sync function is not enough here.
There are direct references to arm_smmu_tlb_sync_context(),  
arm_smmu_tlb_sync_global() functions.
In arm-smmu.c.  we can replace these direct references with tlb_ops->tlb_sync() 
function except in one function arm_smmu_device_reset().
When arm_smmu_device_reset() gets called, domains are not initialized and 
tlb_ops is not available.
Should we add a new hook for arm_smmu_tlb_sync_global() or make this as a 
responsibility of impl->reset() hook as it gets
called at the same place?

Ah, right, I'd forgotten about the TLB maintenance on reset. Looking again, though, I think you might need to implement impl->reset anyway for the sake of clearing GFSR correctly - since the value read from the base instance technically may not match whatever bits might happen to be set in the other instances - so I don't see any issue with just calling nsmmu_tlb_sync() from there as well.


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