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On 12/3/19 12:13 AM, Jerry Snitselaar wrote:
On Mon Dec 02 19, Jerry Snitselaar wrote:
On Mon Dec 02 19, Lu Baolu wrote:

On 12/2/19 2:34 PM, Jerry Snitselaar wrote:
We are seeing DMAR PTE read access not set errors when booting a
kernel with default passthrough, both with a test kernel and with
a 5.4.0 kernel. Previously we would see a number of identity mappings
being set related to the rmrrs, and now they aren't seen and we get
the dmar pte errors as devices touch those regions. From what I can tell
currently df4f3c603aeb ("iommu/vt-d: Remove static identity map code")
removed the bit of code in init_dmars that used to set up those

-       /*
-        * For each rmrr
-        *   for each dev attached to rmrr
-        *   do
-        *     locate drhd for dev, alloc domain for dev
-        *     allocate free domain
-        *     allocate page table entries for rmrr
-        *     if context not allocated for bus
-        *           allocate and init context
-        *           set present in root table for this bus
-        *     init context with domain, translation etc
-        *    endfor
-        * endfor
-        */
-       pr_info("Setting RMRR:\n");
-       for_each_rmrr_units(rmrr) {
-               /* some BIOS lists non-exist devices in DMAR table. */
-               for_each_active_dev_scope(rmrr->devices, rmrr->devices_cnt,
-                                         i, dev) {
-                       ret = iommu_prepare_rmrr_dev(rmrr, dev);
-                       if (ret)
-                               pr_err("Mapping reserved region failed\n");
-               }
-       }

si_domain_init now has code that sets identity maps for devices in rmrrs, but
only for certain devices.

On which device, are you seeing this error? Is it a rmrr locked device?

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Almost all of the messages are for the ilo, but there also is a message for
the smart array raid bus controller.

Also seeing it with a dl380 gen9 system, where the raid bus controller
is getting the error.

Does it help if you remove

                       if (device_is_rmrr_locked(dev))

in si_domain_init()?

Unfortunately it still spits out a bunch of error messages.

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