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On 2020/6/15 11:19, Koba Ko wrote:
hi All,
I have a machine and there's only intel gpu.
the secureboot and vt-d is enabled in BIOS.
On the Ubuntu desktop, I do s2idle first and restart the machine.
The machine can't restart successfully, so I need to press the
power button to shutdown.
I tried  each of the following and the issue can't be triggered.
1. disable secure boot in BIOS.
2. intel_iommu=off.
3. intel_iomm=igfx_off.
4. nomodeset
5. i915.modeset=0.

After I investigate further, find inte_iommu keeps checking the status
During the procedure of restart, the driver would disable iommu
translation and
check status of DMA_GSTS_TES until status of DMA_GSTS_TES is 0.

If you need more information, I can provide it.

Do you mind telling what platform is it?

Best regards,
Hi Baolu,
Sorry, i missed your email.
I'm running on TGL.
My colleague has reported this on bugzilla.
Have tested your patch and it works fine.

Could you explain more about these patches!? Why do we need  a flag
for active iommu!?

We're still investigating this issue. If we find out more, I'll let you
know. Thanks a lot for the reporting.

Best regards,

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