On 29/06/2020 23:49, Krishna Reddy wrote:
>>> +     if (!nvidia_smmu->bases[0])
>>> +             nvidia_smmu->bases[0] = smmu->base;
>>> +
>>> +     return nvidia_smmu->bases[inst] + (page << smmu->pgshift); }
>> Not critical -- just a nit: why not put the bases[0] in init()?
> smmu->base is not available during nvidia_smmu_impl_init() call. It is set 
> afterwards in arm-smmu.c.
> It can't be avoided without changing the devm_ioremap() and impl_init() call 
> order in arm-smmu.c.

Why don't we move the call to devm_ioremap_resource() to before
arm_smmu_impl_init() in arm_smmu_device_probe()? From a quick look I
don't see why we cannot do this and seems better than what we are
currently doing which is quite confusing and hard to understand.


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