On 2020-07-10 21:29, Krishna Reddy wrote:
Thanks Rob. One question on setting "minItems: ". Please see below.

+  - if:
+      properties:
+        compatible:
+          contains:
+            enum:
+              - nvidia,tegra194-smmu
+    then:
+      properties:
+        reg:
+          minItems: 2
+          maxItems: 2

This doesn't work. The main part of the schema already said there's only
1 reg region. This part is ANDed with that, not an override. You need to add an 
else clause with 'maxItems: 1' and change the base schema to
{minItems: 1, maxItems: 2}.

As the earlier version of base schema doesn't have "minItems: " set, should it 
be set to 0 for backward compatibility?  Or can it just be omitted setting in base schema 
as before?

We've always needed at least 1 "reg" specifier in practice, so I don't think being backwards-compatible with broken DTs is a concern :)


"else" part to set "maxItems: 1" and setting "maxItems: 2" in base schema is 
clear to me.


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