On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 03:15:34PM +0200, Jean-Philippe Brucker wrote:
> Add a topology description to the virtio-iommu driver and enable x86
> platforms.
> Since [v2] we have made some progress on adding ACPI support for
> virtio-iommu, which is the preferred boot method on x86. It will be a
> new vendor-agnostic table describing para-virtual topologies in a
> minimal format. However some platforms don't use either ACPI or DT for
> booting (for example microvm), and will need the alternative topology
> description method proposed here. In addition, since the process to get
> a new ACPI table will take a long time, this provides a boot method even
> to ACPI-based platforms, if only temporarily for testing and
> development.
> v3:
> * Add patch 1 that moves virtio-iommu to a subfolder.
> * Split the rest:
>   * Patch 2 adds topology-helper.c, which will be shared with the ACPI
>     support.
>   * Patch 4 adds definitions.
>   * Patch 5 adds parser in topology.c.
> * Address other comments.
> Linux and QEMU patches available at:
> https://jpbrucker.net/git/linux virtio-iommu/devel
> https://jpbrucker.net/git/qemu virtio-iommu/devel

I'm parking this work again, until we make progress on the ACPI table, or
until a platform without ACPI and DT needs it. Until then, I've pushed v4
to my virtio-iommu/topo branch and will keep it rebased on master.


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