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Whoever provides the vIOMMU emulation and relays the page fault to the
has to translate the RID -
that's the point. But the device info (especially the sub-device info) is
within the passthru framework (e.g. VFIO). So page fault reporting needs
to go through passthru framework.

what does that have to do with VFIO?

How will VPDA provide the vIOMMU emulation?
a pardon here. I believe vIOMMU emulation should be based on IOMMU
specification, right? you may correct me if I'm missing anything.
I'm asking how will VDPA translate the RID when VDPA triggers a page
fault that has to be relayed to the guest. VDPA also has virtual PCI
devices it creates.
I've got a question. Does vDPA work with vIOMMU so far? e.g. Intel vIOMMU
or other type vIOMMU.

The kernel code is ready. Note that vhost suppport for vIOMMU is even earlier than VFIO.

The API is designed to be generic is not limited to any specific type of vIOMMU.

For qemu, it just need a patch to implement map/unmap notifier as what VFIO did.


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