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+#define __IOMMU_DOMAIN_HOST_VA (1U << 5)  /* Host CPU virtual
address */

Do you mean general CPU VA? or Host CPU VA, I'm reading the latter as

Host CPU VA. In the near future, we will add another flag _GUEST_VA, so
that the shared page table types are distiguished.

How does the kernel knows that an user page table translates guest VA?
IMHO I don't think the kernel should care about it except managing
all the aspects related to the user page table itself...


    * This are the possible domain-types
@@ -86,15 +89,24 @@ struct iommu_domain_geometry {
        (__IOMMU_DOMAIN_PAGING |        \
                                 __IOMMU_DOMAIN_DMA_API |       \
+                                __IOMMU_DOMAIN_HOST_VA)

Doesn't shared automatically mean CPU VA? Do we need another flag?

Yes. Shared means CPU VA, but there're many types. Besides above two, we
also see the shared KVM/EPT.

Will the two sharing scenarios share any common code? If not then
having a separate flag bit is meaningless.

So far, I haven't seen the need for common code. I've ever thought about
the common notifier callback for page table entry update of SVA and KVM.
But there has been no feasible plan.

It might be more straightforward to be:


I am okay with this and we can add some shared bits later if we need to
consolidate any code.

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