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ok, but do you have a system where the UFS host controller is behind an IOMMU? I had the impression that UFS controllers would be mostly found in embedded systems and IOMMUs are not as common on there.

Modern phones have an IOMMU. Below one can find an example from a Pixel 6 phone. The UFS storage controller is not controller by the IOMMU as far as I can see but I wouldn't be surprised if the security team would ask us one day to enable the IOMMU for the UFS controller.

OK, then unfortunately it seems that you have no method to test. I might be able to test USB MSC but I am not even sure if I can even get DMA mappings who length exceeds the IOVA rcache limit there.

I was able to do some testing on USB MSC for an XHCI controller. The result is that limiting the max HW sectors there does not affect performance in normal conditions.

However if I hack the USB driver and fiddle with request queue settings then it can:
- lift max_sectors limit in usb_stor_host_template 120KB -> 256KB
- lift request queue read_ahead_kb 128KB -> 256KB

In this scenario I can get 42.5MB/s read throughput, as opposed to 39.5MB/s in normal conditions. Since .can_queue=1 for that host it would not fall foul of some issues I experience in IOVA allocator performance, so limiting max_sectors would not be required for that reason.

So this is an artificial test, but it may be worth considering only applying this DMA mapping optimal max_sectors limit to SAS controllers which I know can benefit.

Christoph, any opinion?

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