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Yes, I've mostly been waiting for an ACK from Martin.
Sorry, I'm on vacation this week. The series looks OK to me although I
do agree that it would be great if the max was reflected in the queue's
hard limit and opt in the soft limit.

Ah, I think that I misunderstood Damien's question. I thought he was asking why not keep shost max_sectors at dma_max_mapping_size() and then init each sdev request queue max hw sectors at dma_opt_mapping_size().

But he seems that you want to know why not have the request queue max sectors at dma_opt_mapping_size(). The answer is related to meaning of dma_opt_mapping_size(). If we get any mappings which exceed this size then it can have a big dma mapping performance hit. So I set max hw sectors at this ‘opt’ mapping size to ensure that we get no mappings which exceed this size. Indeed, I think max sectors is 128Kb today for my host, which would be same as dma_opt_mapping_size() value with an IOMMU enabled. And I find that only a small % of request size may exceed this 128kb size, but it still has a big performance impact.

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