Also known as ion-3rc-20070506.

This is the first "rc" or "(stable) release candidate" release of 
Ion3. This means that there will not be any further major changes 
to it. Bugs will be fixed, and as an exception to the general 
feature freeze, some hooks may still be added, if deemed useful.
Translations may also be included. After no new bugs (that can not
be deemed features) have been found in this or following "rc" 
releases, the stable Ion3 will be released.

Most of the changes in this release to the previous one already
are bug fixes, in addition to some general clean-up. Other notable
changes are:

  * Winprop matching improvements: it is possible to match against
    `is_dockapp` and `is_transient` (booleans), and there's a hack
    to support `class` and `instance` for dockapps too.

  * The default configuration puts dockapps in the statusbar's
    tray area.

  * The autoconf kludge has been removed, as I will have nothing
    to do with it, and nobody else seems to support or maintain 
    it either.

  * Tab numbers are displayed when releasing modifiers in the
    `Mod1+K` submap.

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