Just out of curiosity, I'm interessted in what you are using on your
desktop/notebook. I just want to have new ideas. Maybe other ion3 users
have the same needs as I, but found better solutions.

Here is my list:

Terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode
Text editor: vim
Mail: mutt with offlineimap and lbdb to read my Palm's addressbook.
Browser: Firefox with "It's All Text", "vimperator" and "FireGestures"
IM: psi (+ skype)
Video-Player: mplayer
Audio-Player: amarok (looking for something better with ipod, DAAP and
Display Manager: xdm
IRC: irssi
Shell: zsh
Calculator: bc
Dock: docker
Backup: rsnapshot

other stuff: gkrellm, xfce-mcs-manager, xscreensaver (bsod), unclutter,
             gnupod, jpilot

and only on the Netbook: gnome-power-manager, bluetooth-applet, nm-applet

Screenshot: http://www.sozial-inkompetent.de/ion3/cyberdeck.png


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broadcast packets on wrong frequency

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