Daniel Clemente <dcl441-b...@yahoo.com> writes:

>   I will check it again in other systems. 

  I tried it with Sun's Java 1.6.0_10 on Debian (another machine). The bug is 
still present.
  However, on the same machine, Sun's Java 1.5.0_16-b02 makes my example work 
as expected (focus is not lost).

  And with libgcj... well, the example didn't work correctly and I didn't see 
the text field. My version:
java version "1.5.0"
gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.3.3 20090110 (prerelease)

  With OpenJDK 1.6.0_0-b11, the bug shows up.
  With the unreleased Java 1.7.0-ea-b43, the same (bug present).

  So the focus problem seems to be a regression introduced in version 1.6 of 
Java and still not corrected...
  Or maybe it is indeed a bug in ion3; since other window managers (ex: icewm) 
do work with Java 1.6.

  In any case, I sent this bug to Java (sorry, it's not public yet). I will 
report progress here.

-- Daniel

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