Any chance you'd be willing to host this RPM .spec file anywhere in your
darcs repo? It'd be very helpful to users who have an rpm based system.

I'd also love to contribute prebuilt i386, x86_64, and ppc RPM files for
ion 3 for Fedora 7,8,9,10. I've not done so only due to concerns about
your licensing model. So let me know if you feel it's okay for me to
either submit rpm files that you can host, or if you think I should host
them myself (or not).


On Wed, 27 May 2009, Timandahaf wrote:

I have an rpm spec file to build ion3 rpms for Fedora. I've been using
these for a long while on all my systems and I've been meaning to put
them up somewhere.

This is tested under Fedora Core 6, and Fedora Releases 7 through 10, on
i386 and x86_64.

To create your own rpm file, run the following commands (tested to work
on a Fedora system):

$ sudo -c "yum install gcc rpm-build rpmdevtools lua lua-devel libX11-devel libSM-devel gettext"
$ rpmdev-setuptree $ cd ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
$ wget http://iki.fi/tuomov/dl/ion-3-20090110.tar.gz
$ cd ~/rpmbuild/SPEC
$ mv ~/ion.spec ~/rpmbuild/SPEC
$ rpmbuild -ba ion.spec

Voila. You should find your rpm in ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/<arch>/ion*.rpm.

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