On 2009-06-01, Seb Haezebrouck <s...@borriglion.fr> wrote:
> ... and as I half expected - this goes into an infinite loop when I try and 
> use it on a frame in which there is only one client (and the client is not 
> destroyed).

rqclose is asynchronous. Generally, the code should return to the 
main loop for the actions to take effect; and for client windows,
you have to wait for the client to take action, if it does. Ion can
only get to know of this, when it returns to the... main loop.

> I am sure Ion3 can do what I want... but could someone tell me what is wrong 
> with my script, and what is the proper way, if any to make this function not 
> blocking?

You should listen to frame_managed_changed_hook. No need to make
new bindings, just check when a frame becomes empty in that hook.
min_tabs.lua from the scripts repository might provide some useful

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