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> Has anyone seen/heard of this?
> http://winsplit-revolution.com/

I find that tiling w/o tabbing is rather useless.
And it's the tabbing part that takes extra effort to
implement under Windows. Under X, the WM can -- still
as of June 2009 -- reparent application windows within
its own windows, and draw the decorations in its frame
windows. Under Windows, applications always create 
top-level windows, which are divided into "client area"
and the remaining boundary, that is drawn by the "system"
-- whatever part that is. You'd somehow have to replace 
that "system" to draw different kind of decorations and
add different kind of controls, which are duplicated
between all the windows associated to a pseudo-frame/
tabbed set. Of course, further problems arise because
many applications seem to override the "system", and
draw their own decorations... and then there's the
issue of the apparent lack of the equivalent of the
ICCCM, so you can't enforce tiling... as far as I know,
but I'm no WinAPI expert.

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