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On Fri, 28 Aug 2009, Timandahaf wrote:

What is the status of ion3 on Mac? I don't know much about Macs, but I
have a friend who wants to install ion on their Mac, and it'd be nice to
point them to an easy way to do it. I don't see any recent messages that
talk about this.

Specifically, these are my questions:

1. Is there a simple, easy, and straightforward way to install ion3 on
the Mac? If not, is there some nicely written documentation somewhere on
the steps required for a Mac install?

2. Is there a way a user could run ion on their Mac in conjunction with
Aqua or whatever Mac's window manager is? I assume one could always run
an additional X session with ion -- is this right, and is it as
straightforward as it is on Linux? Also, is there a way to run ion under
the same X session in conjunction with Aqua?

Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks!

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