Hi everybody,

It works now. I had to put the line
transparent_background = true,

in my look.lua

Thanks for your helps


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On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 11:03:17AM +0200, reza wrote:
> to put a background image to my desktops. I have installed imagemagick 
> and trried to put an image using the display command :
> a...@ramscan:~$ display -window root images/Bionix\ Wallpaper\ -\ 
> Robot\ Sit.jpg
> But it doesn't works. Any idea please ?

I think the "issue" (not really an issue, but a "feature") is that ion draws a 
(flat) background for all the frames it uses, and because of that you can't see 
your wallpaper (the frame background is on top of it). Try creating an empty 
workspace after setting the wallpaper. If you can see your wallpaper, then all 
you must do now is to make the frames transparent, so your wallpaper can be 
seen in all the desktops. To do that

  1. locate the "look" theme that ion is using
  2. edit it, adding the following 

                de.defstyle("frame", {
                        transparent_background = true,

     put that text after the 'de.defstyle("*", {' section

  3. restart ion.

Hope this helps,

Javier Rojas

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