now that tuomov has finally severed his last remaining connection with
ion, what do we (committed ion users) do now? 

I spent the last few days committedly trying out other WMs, and i can
say this with absolute certainty: there's nothing out there that's even
comparable! (the closest thing i could find, in terms of
what-you-can-do, was 'awesome', but it subscribes to a very different
philosophy than ion's, and is kind of a mess)

so, I need to hear some ideas about the future of this project (not
simply suggestions for other WM's; i will NOT switch to anything that's
currently on the market, and that's my final decision!), I do have a few
ideas of my own, but i want to know what everybody else thinks; after
all, I'm just new-comer compared to the majority of the remaining users
here (been using Ion for only a few months now), I don't know anything
about the community (or what's left of it), how it works, or how the
author's actions affected it. so i think it's best of somebody else took
the initiative and got this conversation going...

M Rawash

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