Ole Jørgen Brønner wrote:  [Mon Apr 05 2010, 08:18:53AM EDT]
>Well, ion is mostly stable and complete, but it does have some
>problems with certain software (java software particularly)

also the fullscreen flash problem

>if I've understood correctly, it's desirable to get better
>multihead support.

this is right next to integration of xrandr on my wishlist

>It would be fun to see a graphic engine with support for
>icons/more control over individual tab colors too.
>How many are familiar at all with the source? I've poked around
>quite a bit, and uses a slightly modified ion3-plus daily.
>I don't have much time in the nearest future however.

I'm somewhat familiar with the source.  Like you, I don't have
much time presently though. :-(

Here's more from my wishlist:

     * EWMH support to make ion3 integrate more completely in
       desktop environments such as gnome. I wrote a tiny module
       that updates the pager, but it's not sufficient to allow the
       pager to control ion3:

         http://n01se.net/paste/hYW -- ewmh_pager.lua

     * Migrate more core functionality to lua to minimize the
       portion written in C. For example I re-implemented
       maximization in lua because the version in C was too
       limited and wasn't extensible. (This is for floating
       workspaces.) The same module provides sawfish-like window
       pushing and maximize-fill.

         http://n01se.net/paste/JjS -- directions.lua


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