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> Hi ,
> its me again :). Let say that i tagged few windows on some
> workspaces, i moved to another one and i want all tagged windows
> moved here. Simple function which do it is 
> local function tagged_move(group)
>    local
> region=WMPlex.attach_new(group,{type="WGroupWS",name="name",...})
> ioncore.tagged_attach(region) end
> it works ok when destination ws is empty, problems appears when its
> not. I think the nice way to do it woild be by using
> 'ioncore.tagged_first(true)' or 'ioncore.tagged_i()' but first one
> some how doesnt want to return tagged region. Im sure that there is
> some extremely simple solution for it so if somebody knows it  pls
> help.

Umm, what should be the result? I tag few windows and then attach them
into one frame (as many "tabs") into selected frame just by
ioncore.tagged_attach(that_frame). There is context menu entry for this
in ion3plus (it should be in ion3 as well). I do not use floating
windows, thus I cannot imagine what result you want.

> My second question is if it's possible to rearange WS and how to do
> it?. Till now i havent had enough time to think about it but it wold
> be nice possibility

What do you mean by rearanging?

* If you want to switch order of tabs, then there is function
   WMPlex.dec_index and WMPlex.inc_index

* If yoy want to add and move some splits, just do it manually and save
  it to your session.

  If you want such workspace to be created "dynamically", then you can
  isolate this workspace from your session
  file (saved_layout.lua) and use ioncore.create_ws(scr, tmpl, layout)
  and ioncore.deflayout(name, tab).

  Note that I did not ever tried that. I just created one workspace
  which satisfies all my needs. Namely I discared all splits (to have
  one frame) on my laptop, then I attached new WTiling into this frame
  and I split this WTiling. Thus my windows are nearly fullscreen
  (if it is sibbling of the nested WTiling) or they occupy smaller
  part, if they are descendants of the nested WTiling. I can switch
  between them with my pen (I have tablet) or mouse. This is especially
  good when the main work is browsing internet, as browsing is
  traditionally mouse-oriented (some technologies from hell, such
  as adobe flash requires use of mouse when browsing internet).

> Best Regards
> Lukas


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