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> As a general rule the files used for the lib are *.a or *.so files for linux 
> or *.lib or *.dll for windows. I have only seen *.o files used as lib in one 
> project (non IoTivity) and it was a work around for a really unusual build 
> time issue.
> George
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> For IoT project, scons is used. And I have a question about using lib.
> 1.       May I use .o file as the lib?

In scons terms, to be a little more specific, you can list object files
in the program target rule - the Program() builder.

env.Program(target = 'foo', source = ['foo.o', 'bar.c', 'baz.cpp'])

On the other hand, the LIBS construction variable is intended to look up
the libraries according to some rules... on Linux you take the library
name 'foo' from LIBS and looks first for 'libfoo.so', then for
'libfoo.a'.  So using a .o object file as a LIBS entry will not give you
joy. On the other hand it's very easy to turn your .o files into a
static library, just use a StaticLibrary() builder.

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