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Hi All,

Hi Wouter !

Related to this, I am will be working on application level code, e.g. using the IOTivity API.

I like to contribute this code to IOTivity or other open source project.

of course you can create your own repo

I will not be maintaining it for long, e.g. if the IOTivity API changes it will be broken…

So you expect someone else to fix it ?

I guess that means that is it should not be in the main tree of IOTivity…

yea I am not sure it makes sense to push in iotivity if there is no maintenance on examples,
we had several ones that are no more tested,
at least bug can be reported (and fixed)

hence we need an solution to store this kind of code.

I agrea on need of having some apps of iotivity tree,
and keep few reference ones well maintained in it.

Any ideas?

Well, as said before, I shared this template project,
for apps living out of iotivity tree (demos etc),


To deal with API (or breaking) changes, I am relying on branches:


Check more explanations at:


To get the pattern, here is slightly improved example:


I can give more details if interested, but first I am open to feedbacks

My 2c

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