Just trying to clear some things up...

The gerrit page on projects lists test among the other branches:

as I'm not sure if that is a restricted page or not, let me also paste the
description here:

iotivity-test: A sandbox project for testing Gerrit configuration, git
operations, git configuration, etc. Experiment with changes here rather
than in a real project.
But in fact it appears to be in use to develop the QA testing code, which
is quite a different use.

It's pretty cheap to update the description in Gerrit, what would be a good
new description?

Is this code going to continue to live as a separate branch, or will it be
integrated into master (and thus into any release branches forked off
master)?  There's considerable risk to working outside of master as you
have to keep syncing, risk thinks going out of date, etc.

I don't seem to recall any discussion of this here, so thought I'd ask.
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