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> Hey Gregg,
> IoTivity immediately came to mind first time I heard of Bazel. The
> remote caching would be a huge win as hopefully it would bring out build
> times back down to <15 minutes for Linux.

Thought you might like that bit.

And the way they do external
> dependency[1] management I expect would save developers a lot of time,
> and provide a much more stable environment.
> Obviously one of the major blockers to using it is time and effort
> to convert the build system over from Scons. I noticed you started a bit
> of this work[2] (Thank you!) and I'm going to poke it a bit in the next
> couple weeks to see if I can't wrap my head around Bazel as well.

Having gone through the conversion once I can offer guidance and code once
you're ready.  Not that a Bazel implementation can coexist with the Scons
stuff, and the conversion can be done incrementally.

See also https://github.com/mobileink/bazel-crosscompile

Basic cross-compile demos. Caveat: Bazel has added platform and toolchain
rules that I have not gotten to yet.

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