So is this a real thing? I asked some very simple questions and got
crickets.  I'm not comfortable pushing my colleagues to attend when even
simple questions are ignored.

On Thu, May 10, 2018, 5:16 PM Rami Alshafi <>

> Developers,
> Please join us for the OCF IoTivity Hackathon, which includes an IoTivity
> training and hackathon competition! The event will start at 8:30am on
> Thursday, June 21 and run until 12pm on Friday, June 22. Please don’t
> forget to register
> <>
> for this event and invite other members from within your companies!
> Registration is Free but limited and the 1st 25 registrants will get a
> free t-shit. Food and hardware kits will be provided and additional prizes
> for winners. Registration is open to both OCF members and non-members.
> Thanks,
> -Rami

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