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> Hi,
> Bcc can be installed on ubuntu 16.04/arm64 successfully, but when
> I try to trace, the folllowing failure[1] is triggered.
> So is bcc not ready for arm64? Or something is wrong?
> BTW, clang/llvm is 3.8, and I am happy to try any patches/tests
> if you have ideas about the issue.
> Thanks,
> Ming
>                                              %w0
> 13 warnings generated.
> LLVM ERROR: Inline asm not supported by this streamer because we don't
> have an asm parser for this target

I suspect this is due to bcc not passing -D__ASM_SYSREG_H into clang
like we do in samples/bpf/Makefile to workaround this issue.
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