We are investigating the possibility to use any open source IP traffic 
generator/Analyser app that can be installed in any device to be able to verify 
error free flow.
Reading through the documentation of Iperf, this tool is possible to do so when 
installed into Client/server setup which can be Windows or Linux based Machine.
This means the physical ports that can be used from the Linus Machine are 
connected to the DUT/Network under test.
This also means that number of ports available from the Generator/Analyser are 
guided by number of NIC ports available.
Is this correct understanding?

This leads to another question:
Can Iperf be installed into Switches which has say 50 to 100 ports available 
and each can be used as a Generator/Analyser port?
If so, do you have any recommendation to type of switch in use by already users 
who are using Iperf in such application requiring say 50 ports used 
simultaneously to generate and analyse IP traffic packets.

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