On 04/06/2018 06:36 PM, Alexander Amelkin wrote:
06.04.2018 12:49, Vasant Hegde wrote:
On 04/04/2018 03:09 PM, Alexander Amelkin wrote:
Hello everybody!

As I've started administering ipmitool project recently, I've noticed
that SourceForge is extremely inconvenient in terms of code review, and,
what is more important, unstable. I encounter extremely slow git
operations, now and then I see in browser that "repository metadata is
not available", I've seen server errors when accessing pull requests,
and so on.

I start thinking about migrating the project to GitHub that is much more
stable and provides better development and code reviewing tools. However
I may be missing something about convenience of SourceForge for users,
so I would like to hear any opinions against migration in general or
against GitHub in particular.

Good move.

AFAIK github doesn't provide mailing list facility. So do you want to
keep existing mailing list -OR- switch to pull request method for
submitting patches/questions?

Thanks for this point. Personally I think that mailing lists are an
inconvenient outdated technology if used for patches and their

I still use this outdated technology in many projects ;-)
But I've no objection to move to github.

discussion. I prefer bugtrackers (github issues, sourceforge tickets,
whatever). Pull requests are good, but patches attached to issues are
fine as well.

Anyway, I wasn't planning to shut down the mailing lists as it is a good
means of communication on common topics like this. The idea was to move
source code and bug tracking to github, leaving it integrated with
sourceforge so that users would still be able to find the project the
usual way, take releases from sourceforge if they prefer, and use
mailing lists if they want to. I just want to make development easier.

Alternatively you can consider uptingte sourceforge repo with something like "source code moved to github". Having stuff in two places invites complication. But its your choice. I'm fine with either approach.

Finally whatever you decide please make necessary updates to README file. Not that people (like me) reads README.. but at least you can point people to README :-)


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