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Subject: Re: [IPsec] Preference of ESP over AH in RFC7321bis question.

Hi Dang,

My understanding is that the usage of AH vs ESP is outside the scope of 
recommendations mandatory to implement cryptography. It is mostly a usage 
concern. In my view AH and ESP are both mandatory to be implemented and 
RFC7321bis limits its scope to the crypto recommendations.

Do you refer to the following text in section 3:


 The IPsec community
   generally prefers ESP with NULL encryption over AH.



On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 10:12 AM, Dang, Quynh (Fed) 
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Hi all,

In RFC 7321, we basically said that ESP is preferred over AH. However, that 
recommendation is not in the current RFC7321bis.

Was that an accidental mistake or because people using AH wanted to remove that 
recommendation ?

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