Telenor Norway has had an pretty steep growth in IPv6 enabled subscribers since 
the summer.  We are the larges ISP in Norway, so rollouts we do usually are 
somewhat reflected in the graphs.  On the fixed access (DSL and fiber) we had 
approx. 60.000 lines 1. oct.  Today (24.oct) we have more than 100.000 lines 
activated.  Yet the graph for Norway shows an flattening in the same time 


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Sendt: 24. oktober 2014 02:25
Til: Erik Nygren
Kopi: Eric Vyncke;
Emne: Re: Google IPv6 measurements in Europe appear heading down...

Hi Erik,

> Not seeing this in the Akamai data.  See for Germany and Belgium.

Your graphs show the best results (even going over 30% occasionally for 
Belgium) so let's go with your data. :)


/me likes picking the data that best represents what I *want* to see ;)

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