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Am 21.09.2016 um 14:58 schrieb Jeroen Massar:
The major mistake that ISPs are making here btw is marketing:
  they are not informing their users

I am not sure about this advice.

(I read the forum from vodafone, telekom and unitymedia in Germany daily)

One similar example: VOIP

The Deutsche Telekom has clearly stated what she planned - a complete
ip-infrastructure without ISDN, with marketing and so on...

What was the reaction? The people and also some journalist are against
VOIP. They found 1000 reasons why. Only the Telekom was blamed.

Yes, DTAG "informed" users by doing it sort of the "right" way: They actively terminated their old non-VoIP contracts. So they send non-technical users a letter that they are unfortunately forced to terminate 10+ year old contracts (some of them being on the very expensive side for little service). All other players in the space obviously do not want their users to gain a special right to termination of their contracts because then they might move somewhere else.

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