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On 15/09/2016 13:48, Anna Wilson wrote:
> Hello all,
> The working group selected Jen, Benedikt and myself as co-chairs at
> RIPE69 in November 2014. At RIPE70, we adopted this procedure for
> replacing chairs:
> This provides for a three year term. Since all three of us were selected
> at the same meeting, our terms would expire simultaneously in late 2017.
> To encourage continuity, I plan to step down next month at RIPE73.
> We therefore call for candidates for the post of IPv6 working group
> chair. If you would like to stand for selection, please announce so to
> the mailing list. The closing date for candidates is 23:59 UTC on Friday
> 21st October 2016. (The Friday before the RIPE73 meeting.)
> As per the procedure, the selection itself will take place during the
> working group session at RIPE73.
> Best regards,
> Anna

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