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I’m a colleague of Lynn’s and wanted to put my old C experience to use here, but have hit a snag. I’m attempting to insert my hook early in iPXE’s execution through __init_fn but it never executes. The debug text strings don’t even appear in the final binary unless I stuff the code into something else, like ‘core/device.c’. Am I missing something in the following code?

The existence of an __init_fn doesn't cause the containing object to be included in the final binary; it just means that if something _else_ causes that object to be included then the __init_fn will be slotted in to the "init_fns" table and so the __init_fn will end up being called as part of initialise().

Since this is one-time debugging code that you're writing, you probably want to just call your dj1_wrap_init() function directly from the earliest possible point, i.e. from somewhere within efi_init(). Note that if it's too early in efi_init() then you may have some unexpected NULL pointers (e.g. for efi_systab).

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