Hello ipxe-devel members,

I would like to bring to your awareness my progress with porting the
Broadcom b43 Linux wireless drivers to iPXE. I am porting with a focus on
the only b43 device I own; BCM4322 SSB<->PCI PHY_N device

Here is a picture of my wireless NIC enumerating via SSB<->PCI
from iPXE: http://bazz1.com/ipxe_ssb.jpg

Porting other portions such as BCMA, mips/embedded/extif/gige, other PHYs,
etc. will come from two sources I imagine:

 1. Other contributors
 2. Hardware donations

Extensive notes are being maintained that could serve in creating an
"iPXE: Porting a Linux Driver" loose guide.

There is no public homepage or repo for this work __yet__.

I am available on IRC freenode:#ipxe

Michael Bazzinotti
Technologist & Musician
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