On 15/08/2019 15:09, Tom Siewert wrote:
currently, I have some issues with HTTPS using Ryzen 3000 series systems.
My test system has a Ryzen 3600 (also tried to use a 3850X) and an ASRock
B450 board with 64GB ECC RAM and 2x 1TB NVMe.
The error 1c25e0c82 (Invalid argument) gets thrown by iPXE becuase of
entropy issues.

Try forcibly disabling the use of the platform's EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL, e.g. by editing interface/efi_entropy.c to comment out the line


This will force the entropy gathering code to fall back to using timer interrupt beating as the mechanism for generating entropy.

If this fixes the 1c25e082 error, then we should add the capability to detect a broken EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL (e.g. by using the existing entropy source quality test code) and automatically fall back to using the timer instead.

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