"Love1340am" WWNH Radio located in rural Madbury, New Hampshire(2 miles  form 
Dover) will conduct it's scheduled DX Test tonight!

It is schedule  to begin at 10 P.M. Eastern tonight (November 5 th)  time, 
right after the  conclusion of the 2 hour Christian version of "Dawson 
McAllister Live". It will  run until 2 A.M. on Monday November 6 th.  

Programming will consist  of Morse Code, Sweep Tones, Theme Songs from 
Television & Game Shows, Older  and out-or-format music. I might even fire up 
old turntable and play a 33  record at 78!

Reception reports are desired via e-mail (first choice) and  snail mail (only 
if e-mail is not available). Station would prefer to received  recordings of 
the test (MP3, CD, or cassette). Submit reports to: les @  highnoonfilm.com 
and please put "WWNH DX Test" in the subject line. All standard  mail reports 
should go to:

Les Rayburn
High Noon Film
100  Centerview Drive Suite 111
Birmingham, AL 35216

Good Luck &  Enjoy!!
Paul B. Walker, Jr.

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