NPR formatted outfit has departed, station appears fully off. I think this took 
effect Dec. 1 or thereabouts. Station was recently sold to Crawford and there's 
a CP to change calls to WDCZ. Presumably that implies a format change to 
Christian. My hunch is Crawford isn't ready yet to take to the air. Hope this 
lasts for awhile - I plan to go to Burnt River ON DX site for a week or so next 
Monday and will enjoy having 970 a little more open. Might this clear some 
IBlock from 960 and 980?

710 CJRN ON Niagara Falls went off the air earlier this fall, its licence not 
renewed by the CRTC. Oddly, a fairly low-power carrier remained. That has 
finally disappeared - about a day or so before the Dec. 1 CRTC-mandated date to 
vacate. So that'll open 710 a bit. I've done some DX time on 710 the last few 
weeks and have had a few stations there besides WOR NYC and Rebelde Cuba - 
stations in WI, VA and KY. Hopefully this will open things up a bit, despite 
IBlock from adjacents.

Saul Chernos

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