Hi Mauno - thanks so much for identifying this for me, and especially for
pointing out exactly where the ID is in the recording so that I can go back
and listen and try and train my ear a bit. This is very helpful and valuable
for me.


It would be great if there was a website similar to interval signals online
where examples of various ID's in different languages were available so that
we could be better able to learn some basics of the languages and assist in
ID's. Unfortunately I'm not in any position to pull something like this
together, with such terrible skills in this area in other than basic
European romance languages.


I also remember from long ago a 5 or 6 page pamphlet that was put out by (I
think) NASWA that was authored by (I think) Richard Wood on id'ing various
languages. Of course that's long gone from my collection, but I remember as
a teen finding it very helpful. Today, that info combined with examples that
could be listened to would be an awesome resource!


Thanks again Mauno!







>Hi Michael,


>"Idha'at al-Wataniya" (Radio Homeland) ID at 50 seconds, so Morocco. 

>Thank you for the schedule reminder, I have sent a correction to WRTH info.


>Best regards,




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