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Hi friends,
RadioCuba has recently launched its web site. The most interesting thing is that they have included the data about the transmitters networks in the island. Lists of transmitters operating on MW, SW, FM and TV can be found on it. But they are presented in a bit unconfortable way as all is based in interactive maps where you need to click site per site to obtain frequencies and stations operating
from each one.

I have extracted the relevant data from these maps and I have composed PDFs with the transmitters lists by provinces and by frequencies. I have also included the respective provincial maps where you can see the aproximated situation of every tx. site. I have retouched some MW maps with information directly
received from RadioCuba. Both lists can be downloaded from my blog:

RadioCuba site: <>


Mauricio Molano
RX site:  Aldea del Cano, Cáceres.
LAT:  39º17'09.70 N    LONG: 6º19'00 W


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