Hi Michael,

​Dr. Richard Wood's Language Series is still available at Colin's web site
for a $2.50 MP3 download. This was originally a 1 hour, 18 minute audio
program via Radio Canada International:

​BTW, I still remember a very nice visit I made to your Vancouver former
home many years ago... early 1990s I think! It was back when I ran the
Cascade Mountain DX Club, or perhaps during the follow-up group


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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> I also remember from long ago a 5 or 6 page pamphlet that was put out by (I
> think) NASWA that was authored by (I think) Richard Wood on id'ing various
> languages. Of course that's long gone from my collection, but I remember as
> a teen finding it very helpful. Today, that info combined with examples
> that
> could be listened to would be an awesome resource!
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