September has traditionally been the best month for me to try to catch rare
Aussie signals in Michigan.  Many DU hets have been noted here since the
month kicked off, mostly captured on unattended SDR recordings while I'm at
work.  The bulk of these hets have been high band stuff extending right up
to 1701 kHz. 4QD on 1548.01 has been heard with bits of brief but
distinguishable Aussie talk on three different mornings (including this
morning).  1611 has had brief music at times but mostly clobbered by CHHA
slop.  1637.99 & 1683.28 also brought bits of music during signal peaks.
The music heard on 1683.28 seemed to match the Greek music from Radio Club
AM during one live listening session during the morning of Sept. 2nd, which
I was also monitoring on the Brisbane Perseus node.  September 13th had the
best propagation so far this month with more stuff producing audio with
clearly visible "modulation trails" on the SDR, but it was all spoiled by
heavy t-storm noise to the North that morning.  Finding the perfect balance
of good DU propagation combined with low atmospheric noise is always
challenging here in September.

On the domestic side, Washington state has been well represented here every
morning this week via 1510 KGA and 1550 KRPI with very good signals at
times right around 1100 UTC (local sunrise here is 1127 UTC).  These, along
with the DUs above, were all monitored on the North D-KAZ antenna.

For anyone else in the Great Lakes region, it might be worth your while to
check the dials in the morning as conditions have been pretty impressive

Tim Tromp
West Michigan
Perseus SDR + North/South reversible D-KAZ
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