For me it is not the same. When I was 15 I was getting up at 5 AM to DX. There 
is nothing like that feeling of getting up unnaturally early... Bleary eyed at 
the dials. It's hard to describe. 

Using an SDR Is like catching a re-run... Kind of a cheat. You weren't there 
for the action. 

I scratch my head when DXers use awesome spotter receivers like the WebSDR is 
Holland and file reports as if they are there. 

Nope. Give me live dx or nothing.
You can snuggle afterward. 

Colin Newell - - VA7WWV - Victoria - BC

> On Sep 16, 2016, at 7:20 PM, Mark Connelly <> wrote:
> <<
> It is mornings like this that get us out of bed and at the dials when being
> IN bed next to our warm partners would be much better!
> SDR with HDSDR or Mestor scheduler ... snooze or snuggle away and check your 
> DX whenever you're ready for it.
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