You can add my voice to the chorus praising conditions this morning. Easily the best day of the season here. It was nearly all Asian, but not quite.

549     2CR     Orange, AUSTRALIA  Heard a weak signal just before the
hour, thinking it was Asian, so was surprised to hear ABC time pips and fanfare at 1300.

567     JOIK    Sapporo, JAPAN   Talk by woman at 1246, //594

594 JOAK Tokyo, JAPAN Solid signal, easily cutting through the IBOC noise with man in Japanese at 1242.

666     JOBK    Osaka, JAPAN    Japanese talk, //594 at 1303.

693     JOAB    Tokyo, JAPAN    Fair to good, with English lesson at 1256.

747     JOIB    Sapporo, JAPAN  Good signal, with English lesson at 1256.

774 JOUB Akita, JAPAN Already a good signal at 1206 with man in Japanese. VG signals at times nearer to 1300 during English lesson.

828     JOBB    Osaka, JAPAN    Man in Japanese at 1242. Fair-gd signal.

873     JOGB    Kumamoto, JAPAN Weak, but definitely // other NHK2 signals at 

954 JOKR Tokyo, JAPAN Traces of Japanese talk through splatter from 960 Calgary, at 1243.

972     HLCA    Dangjin, KOREA  Man in Korean, fair-good at 1244.

1071    JOFK    Hiroshima, JAPAN  Woman talking at 1253, //594
1116 4BC Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Good signal with weather by a woman at 1304.

1206 unID Just traces of audio here at 1228, but given the frequency offset, presumably the Chinese.

1386    NHK2 synchros, JAPAN    English lesson at 1255

1566 HLAZ Cheju, KOREA Poor-fair when first noted at 1205, but improved to good by 1220.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array
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