Thank you very much James for taking the time to list the stations in India
that you have heard. I really appreciate the list, and the effort you made
to provide it to me. I will be listening around 0022 for sure! 


Hi again Guy! I also remember the visit you made to my home on French Street
- I had my shack set up in a little room I had made in the basement, and was
running an NRD515, ICF2010, and a 60m dipole. My how things have changed.
Now as you probably know I am living across the country in Nova Scotia, and
if you're ever in this part of the country it's be great to see you again. I
didn't know that the language series had been mae into audio - I'll check it
out on Colin's website for sure. I was thinking of the pamphlet yesterday
and remember that it was 5 pages or so of mimeographed text - sort of the
reproduction quality of a bad fax - but I also remember pulling it out
whenever I heard a language I didn't recognize and trying to use the tips he
gave to identify what I was hearing. Of course those were the days when I
had the WRTH (WRTVH in those days) open along with the lists at the back of
PopComm and whatever I'd written down from the HCJB DX Partyline to try and
give me some clues as well - of course trying to figure out what frequency I
was listening to on my Grundig Satellit 6000 was a major part of the battle!
Ah, nostalgia - what would we be without war stories!


Anyway, in the present, I certainly agree with the sentiments about using a
web SDR to log and QSL stations - I never saw the point, you might as well
try and QSL streaming audio. Not really what I think that the hobby is
about, although I guess that the person(s) in question have their own hobby
- not DX'ing, but collecting QSL's. Whatever. OTOH, I'm afraid that I must
respectfully disagree with Colin and Richard regarding whether using an SDR
is 'cheating' or not, and the basis of my argument is this - having an SDR
and recording a swathe of bandwidth is like having enough money to have a
receiver for each and every frequency one wants to listen to with some type
of recording device to review them later (because we can only listen to one
station at a time), and we all know that many of us with enough money have
had multiple analogue receivers in the past (and still do!) with no thoughts
of having someone call 'foul' on this approach. I don't see any difference
in the two approaches, except that SDR is more complete and more achievable
financially. Really there is no ethical or other difference in my mind
between having 2 radios, listening to one and recording whatever happens on
the second one later, and recording 'n' stations on an SDR. 


But what do I know. :-)


Thanks again James and Guy!






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