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Conditions appeared down from this morning compared to yesterday. At 1241, 
presumed JOUB, 774 w/male talking, at 1315 male/female talking, sounded like EE 
lesson. Hets on 594, 693, 1287 & 1566 at 1244. Hets on 747, 828, 1422 & 1566 at 
1326. Het on 1566 lasted the longest this morning, gone by 1355, a bit past 

I did some testing with transformers on my wnw Conti super loop this morning. 
Between an FLG 100ln, a KB-5   MW/LW balun and an Erickson QB-18I. 
Interestingly the KB-5 and QB-18I consistently outperformed the FLG-100ln on 
the loop, with and without the use of the DX Engineering RPA-1 preamp. The ALA 
1530ln held it's own. I used JOUB and 1566(presumed HLAZ) as the test 
frequencies. The test was limited to challenging TP DX targets for the Midwest. 
Too bad yesterday's apparent excellent conditions did not carry over to today, 
when I didn't have to go to work. 

Craig Barnes
Wheat Ridge, CO
Drake R8A WNW Conti Super Loop, ENE Conti Super Loop, ALA 1530ln

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