A more thorough review of my recordings revealed that things weren't as bad as I had first thought. In fact, if I hadn't experienced yesterday I would have been very satisfied with this morning. How quickly one's expectations are raised! The DX arrived later, left sooner, some signals were missing, and others weren't as potent as yesterday, but still a decent morning.

594 JOAK Tokyo, JAPAN Having more problem with IBOC noise today, but got to fair with Japanese talk at 1245.

693     JOAB    Tokyo, JAPAN    Man in Japanese, // other NHK2 big guns at 1243.

747 JOIB Sapporo, JAPAN For some reason this one was nearly as good signal as yesterday, noted with Japanese talk over background music at 1244.

774 3LO Melbourne, AUSTRALIA Discussion by two men at 1207, with no trace of Japan at this time.

774 JOUB Akita, JAPAN Had taken over the frequency by 1244, with Japanese talk // other NHK2 signals.

792 4RN Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Had been a strong carrier for most of the session, but only audio heard was at 1300 with time pips and ABC news fanfare.

828 JOBB Osaka, JAPAN Traces of Japanese talk when I first tuned in at 1158 (and was the only Japanese heard at that time). Came up to fair signal by 1244 peak.

1116 4BC Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Not as good as yesterday, but had peaks at fair level with talk programming at 1212 and 1240.

1386    NHK2 synchros, JAPAN    Japanese talk, // 774 etc at 1245.

1566 HLAZ Cheju, KOREA Poor-fair with talk at 1246, and never did better than that today.

1575 VOA THAILAND For some reason I never heard this yesterday, but was in today at poor-fair level at 1249 with man speaking.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array
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