Not as good as yesterday but still pretty good. An S9 electrical noise buzz was off and on intermittently today; nothing weak heard while it was on. All Asian audio.

Steve AA7U

near Sahuarita, AZ

R75; 140' west DKAZ + FLG-100 preamp

567 very poor 1256 utc

594 poor 1257 utc

729 very poor/poor 1259 utc

747 Japan poor 1241 utc

774 Japan weak/medium with EE lessons 1301 utc

972 very poor/poor 1303 utc

1044 very poor 1304 utc

1053 Jammer in domestic splatter 1305 utc

1143 very poor 1307 utc

1566 HLAZ weak 1312 utc

1575 VOA presumed, poor 1313 utc

1611 decent hets today 1314 utc not strong enough for any audio (usually several hets heard)

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