Today's DX wasn't nearly as good as yesterday's. TP signals were weaker and fewer in number. Still, it was one of the better days this season.

774    JOUB, 1249 English grammar lesson
972    HLCA, Korean woman 1249
1053    jammer 1303
1566 HLAZ, jingle & FEBC ID like yesterday, then music & Japanese program 1230

594    JOAK pips & Japanese talk 1300
693    JOAB talk sometimes poking thru CBU splat 1228
747    JOIB, English lesson 1305
890    KBBI, ID mixing w/CJDC 1259, music fill, then BBC news

828    JOBB, music 1259, pips 1300
873    faint talk in KIXI splat 1306
981    CNR1, Chinese talk 1303
1206    man & woman talking 1247
1287    weak talk 1258, sounded Japanese
1386    NHK time pips & bits of talk 1300
1420    weak talk in 1420 splat 1322
1575    weak talk 1227 fighting bad electrical noise
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