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IRCA Slogans List (September 2016)       Thiscompletely revised Slogans List 
includes radio slogans from the US and Canada(over 4500).      The2016 IRCA 
TIS/HAR LIST is posted on the IRCA website for all to download. Thelink is: 
http://www.ircaonline.org/slogans.htm.      Forthose preferring a hard copy, 
one can be ordered from the IRCA. Prices:IRCA/NRC members – $7.25 (US), $8.50 
(Canada) $10.00 (México), $10.75 (rest ofthe world). Non-IRCA members – add 
$1.00.      Toorder from the IRCA, send the correct amount (in US funds payable 
to PhilBytheway) to: IRCA, 9705 MARY NW, SEATTLE WA  98117-2334. Or, order 
through PayPal [add$1.00] to email: phil_te...@yahoo.com(Phil Bytheway). Please 
state club affiliation when ordering. Phil Bytheway


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